Beach Volleyball 🏐

The fourth most popular Sport in the World

Most people know how Volleyball is played. I usually describe it as a mix of "don't let the ballon touch the ground" and "hot potato" game. Beach Volleyball is an Olympic Sport since 1996. It is similar to Indoor, yet they are two different kind of sports. The common goal of Volleyball is to ground the ball on the opponent's side of the court. Beach Volleyball is a sport played by two player on a team, on a sand court, divided by a net. The team can play up to three touches before returning the ball to the opponent. The team winning a rally, scores a point. Beach Volleyball is not only phsically demanding but even more mentally. The team with the most mentally stable athletes, usually wins.

Did you know?

As a female beach volleyball player (pre-2012 London Olympics Games) you could wear a one-piece bathing suit or a bikini with a maximum side width of 7cm (yes, it was that specific. And 7cm is NOT alot). The picture above shows an Iconic moment in Beach Volleyball history. Egypt was the first team ever playing in a Hijab. Although the International Volleyball Federation used to have standards regulating the size of uniforms, those were loosened not only for the London Olympic Games. They were also adjusted after the Rio Olympics Games for religious reasons. Now, there are three extra choices. Players can wear shorts of a maximum length of 3cm above the knee with sleeved or sleeveless tops or a full body suit.